A Message from Cheryl



The world we live in has changed so dramatically in the last few weeks. The month of March in Nashville has seen deadly tornadoes, filled with devastation for so many of our families. Now, our community is facing the world-wide pandemic known as COVID-19, the Coronovirus, currently wreaking havoc on our lives, causing illness and even death. We are all no doubt mentally and physically exhausted!

As a Nashville native and forever lover of my city, my community and my family and friends, I tell you from my heart that we will survive, TOGETHER!

In support of the many healthcare professionals, putting their lives on the line daily, THANK YOU! 

To the many who work in the essential jobs that we depend on each day, THANK YOU!

To those caring for and supporting your families in the best way possible, THANK YOU!

To my city, my community, my family, my friends and everyone who has supported My Toolbox Consulting over the last three years, THANK YOU!

We will survive, we will rebuild, we will recover and we will do it all TOGETHER! 

Stay strong #Nashville and know that from my heart, you are Loved!