Training Toolbox


What we know...

Our training sessions are designed with students, parents and businesses in mind. These unique opportunities will assist students in reaching their highest potential in high school, college and career by providing specifically designed tools for success. 

Parents participate in informational sessions that will assist them in supporting their students as they navigate pathways to success.  

Our executive and staff coaching opportunities will assist your team in cultivating successful relationships with schools and students.  

Our leadership development training modules are tailed to the needs of your organization and staff.


What you'll learn...

For Students:

Resume Writing & Interviewing Skills/Tips

Employability (Soft) Skills and the “30 Second” elevator pitch  

Effective communication

And more...

For parents:

How can I help my child succeed?

Social media 101 for parents

Getting and staying engaged during high school/college years

Bridging the gap between dependence and independence

And more...

For business:

Executive and staff coaching

Creating an effective mentoring program

Leadership Development Training

Activity Based Professional Development


How we'll help...

By providing training opportunities and information sessions to students, parents and businesses, offering essential tools and collaborations for the next generation of effective and dynamic leaders.

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