"Business and community engagement is an essential part of the way Nashville transformed its high schools, effectively raising its graduation rate and improving student outcomes for all learners. Cheryl has not only been an outspoken advocate but is part of the reason why the movement in Metro Schools to increase the equity and access for student career exploration continues to gain momentum more than a decade after the Academies of Nashville inception. She is solutions-oriented and student-centered - two qualities that make her extremely valuable as a partner and representative of successful, supportive school commitment."

Donna Gilley

Director, Academies of Nashville/CTE

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

"I previously worked with Cheryl on numerous high-level and high-impact employee, educational and community engagement initiatives. She possesses proven skills across community engagement, outreach, program application, development, as well as leadership. Cheryl has been instrumental in creating and implementing programs that continue to reach hundreds of young people in the greater Nashville area.  I would highly recommend Cheryl as a strategist, an advocate for the community and an incredible person of integrity."

Felicia Johnson, MBA, CDP - Certified Diversity Professional

Founder, Managing Director at Gatson Group, LLC


Cheryl is an absolute joy to work with! She is one of the most passionate, dedicated people I have ever met - she is a coalition builder and a catalyzer in everything she does. Cheryl's skills in community engagement and outreach are unparalleled. Cheryl is truly a difference maker! 

Melissa Jaggers, President & CEO

Alignment Nashville